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mickeycoleman asked: Help me Wario! My college history professor is trying to teach us that reverse racism is real. Everyone is agreeing with her and in drowning in whiny racists.




Tell her to leave the classroom. When she says “you can’t tell me to do anything, I’m the teacher” respond “Exactly, I don’t have the institutional power to make those words mean something, only you do.”

Thank you so much, this is so perfect! I’ve been trying to explain the ridiculousness of ‘reverse racism’ to my friends and none of them seem to get it, hopefully this will prove enlightening

Racism has nothing to do with institutional power. It is simply the belief that one race is superior to another. There are racists of every race. And it’s not “reverse” racism, it’s just racism. To claim otherwise is to claim that even calling for the extermination of the white race is somehow not racist.

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doctordischordia asked: Are people seriously doing the "WELL DON'T WHINE ABOUT IT DO IT YOURSELF BLUH BLUH" dance at you? Good grief. Aside from the fact that not being a creator doesn't exclude you from being critical of representation in media, I just. Wow. It makes it painfully obvious that that particular line is more about trying to shut people up than actually giving a damn about diversity :/


Plus, not everyone wants to be a writer. Not everyone can be a writer. You shouldn’t have to be a writer in order to want to read something better than what you’re given. You don’t have to be a master chef to know if food is rotten.

ghandi once said “be the change you wish to see.” and you know what rather then simply whining about the human rights issues in india he actually did it himself with the help of those whom he influenced. Rosa Parks didn’t just whine about the unfair lack of rights on the buses for blacks of the time. she did it herself and gained so much support.  social change cannot come from simply ignoring the examples of people,women especially,who have changed the world or changed perceptions by doing not by whining.  so no I am sorry but I cannot get behind this idea that the comment “WELL DON’T WHINE ABOUT IT DO IT YOURSELF BLUH BLUH” is invalid because if we look at one of the biggest complainers Anita Sarkeesian we can find that her 158k for a 6k project could have more then gone to fund a game that could have shown us all the way through example not through a video series that lack indepth research and lacks any kind of merit because it’s so easily debunked.    conversely it is a good thing to care about diversity. I care very much for it myself,but to force writters to write paper thin women or paper thin minorities into stories only creates more poorly written characters. characters who sometimes have no business being there other then to tick a mental box that writter is being told he must tick if he really wants to publish “anything of worth” I have a friend who is a writter who is stalled out on a series he’s writting because he’s trying to stick to the beckdel   test.  he would be mostly finished with the story right now but instead he’s trying to fit a flawed ideal of what sexism in books and media is. when all is said and done Rosalarian I am deeply disspointed in you.  you’ve done comics that rightly point out the issues of Thrid wave feminism,and I do applaud you for this,but then you fall on, Ironically, more tropes that is holding feminsim and indeed the actual empowerment of women back.    because take the casa of  Malala Yousafzai she stood up before the taliban and asked why girls can’t get an education too. she got shot in the head and survived. her father believed in human rights for all especially women but wasn’t a feminist. she cites him as the inspiration for her heroic act. she didn’t need feminism to commit an act of bravery…she did it herself.

this may be pretty true for me. I’ve lead a hard life and it’s still hard now. but still fuck you buzzfeed. some of those questions were biased and racist in and of themselves. this check list is so stupid.

this may be pretty true for me. I’ve lead a hard life and it’s still hard now. but still fuck you buzzfeed. some of those questions were biased and racist in and of themselves. this check list is so stupid.

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I surprisingly see this a lot, especially in fandoms.  I figured I’d make an official list of rules.  We wouldn’t want any dis-respecting going on. 

This has sufficiently rustled my jimmies.

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Joker’s advice to Robin.


Joker’s advice to Robin.

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